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[29 Aug 2004|03:15pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]


note - if no one responds to this within a week, its definitely getting deleted.

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New and such junk like this and that. [23 Jul 2004|01:27am]

[ mood | artistic ]

//Name/ Katherine Grezos

//Age/ fifteen

//gender & sexuality (we like androgyny)/ I am a female and i am 97 percent straight

//location/ Ontario Canada.

//top 5 bands/ Blondie, From Autumn to Ashes, Norma Jean, The Bled, Alexisonfire.

//what up wid ya folk? I go to the shittiest high school ever. The whole town is full of pot heads, but i am not one of them. I like to sing; but in intentionally sing crapily 'cause i don't like to 'show off'. My dad committed suicide when i was 11, good riddance. I love doing make-up although i don't do it very well. I have some weird obsession with gangsters. As of right now my life is completly and utterly boring. BUT i work on weekends as a cashier. Too bad i can't give change properly. :(

//5 things that make me wet/ When boys wear tighter pants then i do. > When girls wear leopard print pants.  I'm really into the pants eh? > hmm, a dumb sence of humour; like mine. > when someone wears a shitload of bracelets at one time. oh yes. aaaaand.. > having a collection of stuffed animals.

//5 things that boil my blood/ I hate the sound of food rolling around in peoples mouths. Keep 'em closed!  > when i have to repeat myself more than twice. > When you go into a big shpeal and the other person simply reacts with a two worded comment. > dark chocolate anything  > people who talk in a very quiet voice so that its impossible to hear them.

//what makes you hotter than our faces!?!/ I think its really quite impossible to be hotter than your lovely faces.. *flutters eyelashes* haha buuuut i have three cats and they seem to think i'm alright... when they're being fed :\


what you need is what they sellin'Collapse )
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I have new pics!! [27 Apr 2004|08:18am]

[ mood | blah ]

Pictures Galore!

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[06 Apr 2004|10:57pm]

fuckfuckfuckyou rocks. join, and whathaveyou.
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[29 Mar 2004|06:49am]
as promised pictures of the mohawk, i need to finish coloring it. bleach it more and then dye it black in the front and in the back, gonna leave the middle blonde.

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[22 Mar 2004|12:18am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

//Name/ Sophelia

//Age/ 19

//gender & sexuality (we like androgyny)/ female.bisexual

//location/ Staten Island, NY

//top 5 bands/ Incubus. red hot chili peppers. the darkness. system of a down. mindless selfindulgence.

//what up wid ya folk? I'm a freshman in college right now but i'm planning on leaving home soon. So i might be taking a year off. Home life is pretty shitty for me. I'm into photography/fashion/all-that-applies and modeling has been in the back of my mind for some time becuase my friends say I "have potential." But eh. Whatever. I'm also into dancing, music, art, and \m/old school video games\m/ not like that has anything to do with this at all but its OHkay.

//5 things that make me wet/ Guitar solos ::melt::; bondage (ie. chains, leather, gags, handcuffs MINUS the fluffypinkshit cuz thats just annoying; biting/scratching/bleeding (good good times there); candy apples ::drool:; oh the things they do to me; tattoos/piercings (self-mutalation is delish)

//5 things that boil my blood/ HOMOPHOBES BEWARE MY WRATH!; liars who still lie after they got caught (i see right thru u, dickface knock it off.); materialists who think you aren't worth shite because you dont own Coach bags and drive a BMW (lick me asshole. i have more style in one finger than in your whole fucking closet that your daddy put together for you.); Over-zealious politicians/religious nuts/all those annoying assholes who put stickers on ur window as if it's going to boost your liking for their cause rather than get pissed off b/c the fucking thing wont come off your window/ people who just cant get with the times and bitch and moan and complain about everyone ELSE's lifestyle when they should be paying attention to their own problems; parents who dictate their childrens' lives to them saying its for their own good but in actuality it hinders the child from learning for themselves and developing the necessary skills needed to survive this thing we so ironicly call life.

//what makes you hotter than our faces!?!/ Nothing actually. I just thought i could use the advice/opinions of others since i'm thinking of trying out modeling.

//(post 3+ pics)/Pictures =o)Collapse )


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*stamped* whats crackin you sexay biatches!?*&$ [19 Mar 2004|12:48pm]


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I need you like water in my lungs [09 Mar 2004|11:52pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hotter than your mother fucking face

//Name/ Heather

//Age/ 17

//gender & sexuality (we like androgyny)/ Female - Bisexual

//location/ Maine

//top 5 bands/   that's what she said(local band), saves ferris, atreyu, from autmn to ashes, rare strawberry disease (local band)

//what up wid ya folk? I am learning how to play bass right now. I am going to night school right now, but working on going to day school also. Yes, I have a  death wish :) ;) The other day, I went to a local store parking lot, and wrote my friends cell phone number on post-it notes, and left them on hot guys cars :) She loved it, she knows it :) I can skateboard, just not very well. I'm still learning :) I turn 18, in April. :)

//5 things that make me wet/ Hot Girls, tattoos, piercings, skater boys, i'm horny when i'm drunk but then again, who isn't?

//5 things that boil my blood/ Stupid people, like jessica simpson and paris hilton (tho both very hot),  repeating myself, slow fucking drivers!, people with no sense of humor

//what makes you hotter than our faces!?!/  What isn't hotter than your faces? ..... I'M KIDDING! what makes me hotter than your faces, huh? My momma told me I was ;) how about that?!?!? hehe.

Lick It..... BitchCollapse )

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[08 Mar 2004|01:57am]
im not peticular happy about how ive spent my days. i do a lot of nothing, id like to change this. you good people of livejournal can help. im not really happy for the most part, this i would also like to change. i hate staying in my house, i really dont enjoy being here. just so much crappy stuff goes on here. id also like someone to spend my days with. i dunno, just a thought.

skated today, it was kewl, havent skated in a while. im trying to pick it up again. im begining to think that cutting a mohawk was a bad idea:
1. never put it up, due to lazyness.
2. i liked my long hair.
3. i just dont know.

i think im gonan keep it a lil longer then let it grow again but somethin different.
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RATE MY BOY! [14 Feb 2004|12:21pm]

[ mood | determined ]

//Name/ James Dean

//Age/ 20

//gender & sexuality (we like androgyny)/male, straight (i think!)

//location/ Canton, GA - two hours away from me!

//top 5 bands/ Elvis, the Vibrators, Neon Maniacs, the Saints, the undertones (i made him like them!), the fits? anyway, 82, 77, and a little bit of random shit in between.

//sweetest thing/ he used to leave me voicemail everyday when he could afford it. plus, he comes to see me from two hours away! and...would rather spend money on records for me than food for himself

//5 things that make me wet over him/her/ he smokes; "love at first site"; puts up with not only me being "twelve", but also me being a complete bitch occassionally; his skin (its soft & olive); he is anorexically thin and eats once a day

//5 things that boil my blood about him/her/ he drifts between jobs; hates my drinking (i.e. wont talk to me for three days if i do); gets in bad untalkative moods very often; gets mad at me sometimes irrationally but often rational; used to do ice.

//what makes him/her hotter than our faces!?!/we make out to the vibrators!

//(post 3+ pics)/

mi muchachoCollapse )

(yeah, i know this is lame but YOU HAVE TO DO ONE TOO!)

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[12 Feb 2004|01:23am]
ive been thinking about cutting another mohawk. tell me what you think.
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[07 Feb 2004|09:16pm]
so the show was fucking awesome. thanks to eveyone that came, and everyone that didnt, becuase you missed some good shit. jonee did good but there wasnt a lot of dancing with them. profits played a great set and so did the knox. hats of to both those bands. then we palyed and i had tons of fun. so many people having fun when we played singing and everything. i love playing shows and watching people have fun and knowing its my band making it happen. tonight ive got a late practice with How the Mighty Have Fallen. good shit, recording with em tomarrow. hung out with john at the show and shit and it was good, glad to see him. sebi is mah hispanic bro and last night solidified it ;) sebi. party after the show at toms has wazs great to, always have fun there. good people. booze, bud. all the combinations for a garunteed good night. well practice away, see yah folks later

again thanks to everyone that showed, played.

the knox
the profits

keepin it real.
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[30 Jan 2004|09:16pm]

[ mood | bored ]



//gender & sexuality (we like androgyny)/male, strait

//location/amesbury mASS

//top 5 bands/coheed and cambria,da postal service, AN, barrit and blue sky mile.

//what up wid ya folk? well i play in like 2 bands ones a hahhhd coah band and the other is kind of like really metal i play guitar in both and i also play drums a little but i am much better at guitar.so umm yep.

//5 things that make me wet/ pools, playing guitar, techno, micheal jacksons dance moves and video games..

//5 things that boil my blood/... oh oh when you go to Mcdonalds and you ask for no pickles on ya burger and they give you pickles anyway GRRRRRR!

//what makes you hotter than our faces-are you derek FO real?

im to the right playin geetar

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[25 Jan 2004|11:17pm]

[ mood | bored ]


how's everyone doing!?

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[20 Jan 2004|12:30am]
[ mood | amused ]


//Name/ Alexander Pual

//Age/ 17

//gender & sexuality (we like androgyny)/ male hetero

//location/ nashua NH

//top 5 bands/ The specials, i have dreams, slayer, a global threat, the blood brothers. general favorites, but i have favorites forevery category of music, im a big music buff.

//what up wid ya folk? i play in 4 bands now, i play the drums in each, but i do dabble in guitar and bass, and if youre lucky vocals as well. im looking so start recording some of my own solo creations in which i do everything. but for the most part im playing with my high priority band the struggle and working on our EP coming out on vinyl, it will be at the nashua newbury comics definately and we are selling them at our shows, we play all over mass and have gone up towards maine and places and hopefully our summer tour will pull through your town.

//5 things that make me wet/ making out, cuddling/snuggling, nibbles, pinches, playing drums, having fun with a fung girl

//5 things that boil my blood/ when people that suck ask to use my drum kit for their bands set.

//what makes you hotter than our faces!?!/ i dont know but thats your you good people to judge.
( yeah and no lame answers like "i just am" or
"you'll see" yeah nigs you will get dissed-k)

//(post 3+ pics)/

these pictures were taken all at once with my friends digital camera,i dont have one of my own, but if i gain acceptance, im certainly posting more pictures of myself for you guys.


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[07 Jan 2004|06:22pm]

[ mood | weird ]

Poll #229982 what do you think this community should look like?

what colours should be used?

how should it be aligned? (left, right, centered? any specific livejournal style?)

what should the theme/background be? (pattern, color, person, image, whatever.. link me to it if appropriate)

what should the comment links say? should their be a picture between them?

any other ideas?

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Got The Mad Invite From Fuck If I Know Who [06 Jan 2004|07:32pm]

//Name/ Jamie


//gender & sexuality (we like androgyny)/ female/my sexuality in pictoral form: _____/\______

//location/ Vancouver fucking Washington

//top 5 bands/ The Postal Service, The Stills, The Mars Volta, Rooney, and The Strokes

//what up wid ya folk? Photography, drawing, computer graphics, language, fashion design, make up, shopping, and getting shitfaced.

//5 things that make me wet/ boys in make up, boys kissing, lesbian porn, my boyfriend, and bondage.

//5 things that boil my blood/ people who can't drive (fast enough), liars, fake goth girls who think they're fairies, fake-and-bake-bleach-blonde-girls-that-steal-all-the-fucking-hardcore-boys, being fucking snowed in and not being able to fucking go anywhere.

//what makes you hotter than our faces!?!/ I am clearly Snow White.

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invited by jessika [05 Jan 2004|04:57pm]

[ mood | sick ]



//gender & sexuality (we like androgyny)/female-straight.


//top 5 bands/alkaline trio, lords of acid, the strokes, the cure, jack off jill.
i like a lot of different kinds of music. :/

//what up wid ya folk? hair <3, body mods, makeup -drools-, sleeping, decorating, reading comics, watching snow fall, boyfriend, tim burtons a fuckin genius, fluffy mesh skirts, star gazing, laughing- it keeps me sane.

//5 things that make me wet/ tall skinny boys, whispered sweet nothings, rocky horror picture show, suicidegirls.com, platform boots.

//5 things that boil my blood/nasty fat fingers/hands with those ugly short nails, little 8 year old girls struttin in their lowcut playboy bunny shirts, shit talkers, ugly thick eyebrows, people with bitchy attitudes, smile. :D

//what makes you hotter than our faces!?!/i think youre all very hot. i just thought i'd give it a try.

[+4]Collapse )

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[05 Jan 2004|12:18am]



//gender & sexuality (we like androgyny)/i'm a girl and heterosexual

//location/griffin ga

//top 5 bands/ um how about top singers as well? because i like sarah brightman, frank sinatra, helen kane, oh! the stray cats, chicks on speed

//what up wid ya folk? fashion photography (duh), party monster, vogue magazine, successss, pretty things...

//5 things that make me wet/ well that seems to mean what do i like! i like high class magazines, drag queens, make-up, pretty things, cats, etc

//5 things that boil my blood/ mean awful people who dont understand me, when my eyebrows grow out too fast (ugh), worms (the kind that live inside a body), people that are mean to animals

//what makes you hotter than our faces!?!/ because i'm just fabulous and i love every body and i make you all realize how beautiful you are! yay!

silly picturesCollapse )
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[04 Jan 2004|10:42pm]

[ mood | awake ]



//gender & sexuality (we like androgyny)/female - straight-ish

//location/rockland county, ny

//top 5 bands/the pixies, iggy and the stooges, belle and sebastian, richard hell, starlight mints (i know i'm so eratic)

//what up wid ya folk? music!, local shows, shopping for my room, my boyfriend, clothes &makeup like a girl,

//5 things that make me wet/skinny boys, pop rocks, making out in cars like a teenager, being serenaded, love letters

//5 things that boil my blood/big sluts, anonymous comments, unfounded bias &prejudice, really opininated and cocky people, not having chick-fil-a

//what makes you hotter than our faces!?!/do i really need to answer this? you all love me. and i offered to make you a layout.

ok picturesCollapse )

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