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//gender & sexuality (we like androgyny)/female - straight-ish

//location/rockland county, ny

//top 5 bands/the pixies, iggy and the stooges, belle and sebastian, richard hell, starlight mints (i know i'm so eratic)

//what up wid ya folk? music!, local shows, shopping for my room, my boyfriend, clothes &makeup like a girl,

//5 things that make me wet/skinny boys, pop rocks, making out in cars like a teenager, being serenaded, love letters

//5 things that boil my blood/big sluts, anonymous comments, unfounded bias &prejudice, really opininated and cocky people, not having chick-fil-a

//what makes you hotter than our faces!?!/do i really need to answer this? you all love me. and i offered to make you a layout.

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so hot! yes
aww we love you becca!
plus youre hott!
and making out in cars is a definite plus!!!
YES because a)iggy & the stooges and richard hell and starlight mints b)shopping for rooms is awesome (i bought dishes yesterday - now that is eratic) c) you put a picture from ninth grade on there and that RULES and last but way definitlet most importantly d) you make the hottest layouts in town! hahaha.


juss playin u know i love u giirrrrl
so u get in


oh and im lovin the skinny boy thing

go get yr vote on bitch!

ps. you owe us a layout!!!! hahaha.
no james dean !!!!!!!!!
haha okay.. someone provide me with an image and i'll pretty it up