Janet (merjanet15) wrote in hottrthnyrface,



//gender & sexuality (we like androgyny)/i'm a girl and heterosexual

//location/griffin ga

//top 5 bands/ um how about top singers as well? because i like sarah brightman, frank sinatra, helen kane, oh! the stray cats, chicks on speed

//what up wid ya folk? fashion photography (duh), party monster, vogue magazine, successss, pretty things...

//5 things that make me wet/ well that seems to mean what do i like! i like high class magazines, drag queens, make-up, pretty things, cats, etc

//5 things that boil my blood/ mean awful people who dont understand me, when my eyebrows grow out too fast (ugh), worms (the kind that live inside a body), people that are mean to animals

//what makes you hotter than our faces!?!/ because i'm just fabulous and i love every body and i make you all realize how beautiful you are! yay!

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yes yes yes, even though i wish the first two pictures werent so photoshopped so everyone could see how pretty you REALLY are!

haha they ARENT though! like seriously!

thank you :D <3
psh. yeah, your skin is naturally blue!

thats why i like the last one though - its so natural and everything. I like that. except of course, in the natural light your make up looks kind of out of place

<3 you, beautiful one
i love janet!!!!!
u like drag queens doll of course u get a


awww yay! <3