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invited by jessika



//gender & sexuality (we like androgyny)/female-straight.


//top 5 bands/alkaline trio, lords of acid, the strokes, the cure, jack off jill.
i like a lot of different kinds of music. :/

//what up wid ya folk? hair <3, body mods, makeup -drools-, sleeping, decorating, reading comics, watching snow fall, boyfriend, tim burtons a fuckin genius, fluffy mesh skirts, star gazing, laughing- it keeps me sane.

//5 things that make me wet/ tall skinny boys, whispered sweet nothings, rocky horror picture show, suicidegirls.com, platform boots.

//5 things that boil my blood/nasty fat fingers/hands with those ugly short nails, little 8 year old girls struttin in their lowcut playboy bunny shirts, shit talkers, ugly thick eyebrows, people with bitchy attitudes, smile. :D

//what makes you hotter than our faces!?!/i think youre all very hot. i just thought i'd give it a try.

*couple months ago*

*last month*
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