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//Name/ James Dean

//Age/ 20

//gender & sexuality (we like androgyny)/male, straight (i think!)

//location/ Canton, GA - two hours away from me!

//top 5 bands/ Elvis, the Vibrators, Neon Maniacs, the Saints, the undertones (i made him like them!), the fits? anyway, 82, 77, and a little bit of random shit in between.

//sweetest thing/ he used to leave me voicemail everyday when he could afford it. plus, he comes to see me from two hours away! and...would rather spend money on records for me than food for himself

//5 things that make me wet over him/her/ he smokes; "love at first site"; puts up with not only me being "twelve", but also me being a complete bitch occassionally; his skin (its soft & olive); he is anorexically thin and eats once a day

//5 things that boil my blood about him/her/ he drifts between jobs; hates my drinking (i.e. wont talk to me for three days if i do); gets in bad untalkative moods very often; gets mad at me sometimes irrationally but often rational; used to do ice.

//what makes him/her hotter than our faces!?!/we make out to the vibrators!

//(post 3+ pics)/

ok, i think i should stop adding pictures now.

(yeah, i know this is lame but YOU HAVE TO DO ONE TOO!)
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