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I need you like water in my lungs

Hotter than your mother fucking face

//Name/ Heather

//Age/ 17

//gender & sexuality (we like androgyny)/ Female - Bisexual

//location/ Maine

//top 5 bands/   that's what she said(local band), saves ferris, atreyu, from autmn to ashes, rare strawberry disease (local band)

//what up wid ya folk? I am learning how to play bass right now. I am going to night school right now, but working on going to day school also. Yes, I have a  death wish :) ;) The other day, I went to a local store parking lot, and wrote my friends cell phone number on post-it notes, and left them on hot guys cars :) She loved it, she knows it :) I can skateboard, just not very well. I'm still learning :) I turn 18, in April. :)

//5 things that make me wet/ Hot Girls, tattoos, piercings, skater boys, i'm horny when i'm drunk but then again, who isn't?

//5 things that boil my blood/ Stupid people, like jessica simpson and paris hilton (tho both very hot),  repeating myself, slow fucking drivers!, people with no sense of humor

//what makes you hotter than our faces!?!/  What isn't hotter than your faces? ..... I'M KIDDING! what makes me hotter than your faces, huh? My momma told me I was ;) how about that?!?!? hehe.

That's Me. :) I'm awesome :) haha.

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