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New and such junk like this and that.

//Name/ Katherine Grezos

//Age/ fifteen

//gender & sexuality (we like androgyny)/ I am a female and i am 97 percent straight

//location/ Ontario Canada.

//top 5 bands/ Blondie, From Autumn to Ashes, Norma Jean, The Bled, Alexisonfire.

//what up wid ya folk? I go to the shittiest high school ever. The whole town is full of pot heads, but i am not one of them. I like to sing; but in intentionally sing crapily 'cause i don't like to 'show off'. My dad committed suicide when i was 11, good riddance. I love doing make-up although i don't do it very well. I have some weird obsession with gangsters. As of right now my life is completly and utterly boring. BUT i work on weekends as a cashier. Too bad i can't give change properly. :(

//5 things that make me wet/ When boys wear tighter pants then i do. > When girls wear leopard print pants.  I'm really into the pants eh? > hmm, a dumb sence of humour; like mine. > when someone wears a shitload of bracelets at one time. oh yes. aaaaand.. > having a collection of stuffed animals.

//5 things that boil my blood/ I hate the sound of food rolling around in peoples mouths. Keep 'em closed!  > when i have to repeat myself more than twice. > When you go into a big shpeal and the other person simply reacts with a two worded comment. > dark chocolate anything  > people who talk in a very quiet voice so that its impossible to hear them.

//what makes you hotter than our faces!?!/ I think its really quite impossible to be hotter than your lovely faces.. *flutters eyelashes* haha buuuut i have three cats and they seem to think i'm alright... when they're being fed :\


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